Australian Society of Energy & Power

About ASEP

The Australian Society of Energy & Power (ASEP) is an independent non-profit society that supports and fosters interest in energy & power and related disciplines. This is done by providing a forum for people with a common interest and by publishing or promoting relevant material. The Society aims to actively represent the views of its members to the Government, institutes, and the public. It supports all interested in energy & power, including researchers and professionals. The ASEP oversees and supports the International Conference of Energy & Power (ICEP) series. The membership consists of those members of the Society who have indicated their wish to join the Society and who annually retain membership through the payment of designated dues. The ASEP was incorporated in Victoria, Australia, on 1 March 2020.

Who can be a Member?

Anyone who supports the Society's aims and is interested in Energy & Power.

How is the Society organized?

The Society's affairs are run by the Council and its committees within the constraints of the Rules of the Society. The council consists of an executive comprising the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and immediate past President.

Current Executive Committee of ASEP

President: Prof Firoz Alam

Vice-President: Dr Harun Chowdhury

International Advisory Committee:

Prof Muhammad Mustafizur Rahman (USA)

Prof. Reza Jazar (Canada)

Prof. Quamrul Alam (Australia)

Prof. Mohammad Rasul (Australia)

Prof . Xiaolin Wang (Australia)

Prof Yuying Yan (UK)

Prof Nakorn Tippayawong (Thailand)

Prof Abhijit Date (Australia)

Prof Seedahmed Mahmoud (China)

Prof. Mamdud Hossain (UK)

Dr. Nawshad Haque (Australia)

Khondkar Saleque (Australia)

Prof Hazim Moria (Saudi)

A/Prof Rino Erinofiardi (Indonesia)

Dr Abdul Mazid (Australia)

Dr Narottam Das (Australia)

A/Prof Akshoy Paul (India)

Dr. Fahim Sufi (UAE)


Dr Labani Mustafi (Australia)

Dr Ashfaque Chowdhury (Australia)

Dr Kazi Mostafa (China)

Dr Abdulaziz Aldiab (Saudi Arabia)

Abu Ahmed (Australia)

Dr Hedayet Ullah (Bangladesh)

Mohammad Nasim (Australia)

Dr Sajid Hossain (Australia)

Razib Mahmud (Australia)

Hamed Allhibi (Saudi Arabia)

Tasnim Ahmed (Australia)

Mohamed Zaid (Australia)

Ahasan Ahammad (Australia)

Ammar Alluhaybi (Saudi Arabia)

Harsha Vardhan (India)

Saad Mahmud (Bangladesh)

Matsive Ali (USA)

Rezaul Islam (Australia)

Join Our Team

If you are interested in joining our team and being involved with us, please contact us regarding your interest.